Analisis Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan dan Citra Institusi Terhadap Kepuasan Mahasiswa Untuk Meningkatkan Loyalitas Mahasiswa

nur ika effendi


The aim of this research is to analyze the impact variables of  service quality and institution image on satisfaction and loyalty of the student of Universitas Muara Bungo in Jambi. This research use a survey method andthe collecting data with proportionate sampling and judgement sampling method. The analyzed data with SEM under amos 18.0 with maximum likelihood estimation. From data analaysis obtained by result where model raised in this research acceptable. The result showed that the model of this research has fulfilled the goooness of fit dimana chi square 145.154, GFI 0.95, TLI 0.905, CFI 0.929, RMSEA 0.087. Result of hypothesis examination obtained that service quality had positive effect on  institution image with CR 6.821, institution image had positive effect on satisfaction with CR 2.924. Service quality did not effect on satisfaction with  CR 0.219. Satisfaction did not effect on loyalty CR 0.640.  Institution image  did not effect on  loyalty with CR 0.786. Service quality  did not effect on loyalty CR 0.391. Service quality, institution image, and satisfaction  had positive effect on loyalty 0,2466. Satisfaction  had positive effect on loyalty trough satisfaction 0,01935. Service quality  had positive effect on satisfaction  trough institution image 1,5039.  Institution image  had positive effect on loyalty trough satisfaction 0,19795

Keyword :Service Quality, Institution Image, Satisfation, Loyalty

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