Analysis of the Public Satisfaction on Service Quality of PDAM Muara Bungo

Supriyati Supriyati, sri Wineh, isman isman


The aim of this research is to analyze the public satisfaction on service quality of PDAM Muara Bungo in Jambi. This research use a survey method and the collecting data with accidental sampling and judgement sampling method. The analyzed data with public satisfaction indeks or IKM (Indeks Kepuasan Masyarakat). The result showed that the model of this research has fulfilled the Result by the indeks, and mean statistis of Service quality. From  each unsure of service quality  that determinan  from the interval between 2,51 – 3,25, its showed the effect on satisfaction with  good performance or by the indeks point is 2,6109 after the conversion become 65,3 this result showed the good performance or in B categories.

Keyword :Service Quality, Satisfaction

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