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About second century economics had expansion with two important impacts, at the first, welfare and prosperity life increased and achieve by word society. The second , there was new opportunity employment for word society in numbers. According to Islamic Principles of Economic Development offers a concept of development that is based on the Qur'an and Sunnah , hence the reason for the first emergence of the concept of economic development is based on the need for a viable alternative concept applied to the development on moslem countries  . This is reinforced by the fact that the Western model of economic development concept that has been applied almost two centuries in almost all countries of the world did not worked with the spirit and principles espoused by the Moslem countries . It looks at the reality of the economic development of developing countries . Many critics who claimed that the concept of Western development that was born of capitalist theory can actually damage the future development of the Moslem countries

Keywords : Economics growth, development, Islamic concept

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