Metode Peningkatan Motivasi Ada Anak Dalam Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Di Sd 178/Vii Desa Rantau Kembang

Indah veidasari, Nurrachim Nur, Rahmatan Islami, Rangga Biantoro, Rendi Eka Setiawan, Silvana Widya Okta, Tomi Guswanto


To communicate with other people, English is very important and to be our needs. Englis also have a part in jobs, education, and entertainment. So, the needs of Englis not just for people in the city, but to the people in the village too. But many children especially in the village when listen studies about English they will less spirit for studied because of their thought that think the English is very difficult to understand. The purpose of making this article is to give the idea of method to increase motivation of children when study English.We can see many method or way in many sourch in internet that we can diretly to apply. But, here we will discuss some simple method to increase motivation of children when study English. There are : 1.We can Put games in the process of studied, 2. Giving prise, 3. The last one is the style of teacher..The habit of children that very easly bored and always want to play that wiil be inhibit our when explain about the lesson. Therfor we must smart to chose the method or way that  comfortable, enjoyable, and easy to understand for children. So that we can change the thougt of children that think difficult about English. On the other hand we can make they are loved English too.

Key word : the view of society in village about English, the important of English, the method to increase motivation of children

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