Krinok:Jurnal Linguistik Budaya

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Krinok:Jurnal Linguistik Budaya

DOI PrefixPrefix 10.36355 by Crossref
Editor in ChiefDodi Oktariza
PublisherEnglish Department Faculty Of Language Muara Bungo University Universitas Muara Bungo
Frequency6 bulanan
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Krinok is a peer-reviewed journal that  published by English Literary Departement of Faculty of Language - Muara Bungo University  which primarily  aims  at providing a sustainable media  for the scholars,  teachers, lectures  and  researchers as well as the practitioners to discuss, promote, and publish  the research papers of  their scientific achievement  in the field of linguistics, literature, and  related  studies.  This journal  is widely opened to receive submission of articles that showing their focuses on linguistics (pure and  applied) linguistics, interdisciplinary linguistics studies, translation studies,  literary studies, and interdisciplinary literary studies as well as cultural studies. This journal accepts English and Indonesian language that has two editions  of publication  in a year which consisting of first edition (June-November) and second edition (December –May)

The editors longed for articles and research reports in the all fields of studies of language, literature, and culture, including;

-        Phonology and phonetics

-        Morphology

-        Lexicology

-        Syntax and language typology

-        Semantics and Pragmatics

-        Text analysis and discourse

-        Sociolinguistics and Anthropolinguistics

-        Language teaching and  development

-        Translation studies and related studies

-        Literary Teaching and development

-        General literary theory

-        Formalism and New Criticism

-        Semiotics

-        Structuralism and Marxism

-        Literature development and Related studies

-        Cultural studies  and Philosophy


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